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Slim Academy has been formed through a collaboration between SlimStuderen.nl, Capita Selecta and ScriptieMaster. With our summaries, exam trainings and 1-on-1 thesis supervision, we are able to help every student!

Since 1994, our main focus is to provide our customers with quality products. This is one of the reasons why we have been able to sell more than 200,000 products in 6 student cities for several consecutive years. With more than 800 student employees and 170 thesis tutors throughout the Netherlands, we are able to provide you with excellent service!

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Quality summaries of lectures and literature

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Exam course

Quality exam trainings for all studies

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Study guidance

For exams and assignments

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Thesis tutoring

For theses and graduation research

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Summaries and lecture notes

SlimStuderen.nl and Slim Academy will help you pass your exams! With our summaries, excerpts, reports and lecture notes, we can make sure your life as a student gets a lot easier. Especially Medicine, Law, Business and Economics students are in the right place at Slim Academy for the best summaries of the mandatory literature and lectures of the subjects. Based on your academic year, we will publish the lectures and summaries of the mandatory literature separately or combined. We can assure you that Slim Academy will always provide you with all the obligatory material!

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Exam courses

Since 1994, Capita Selecta and Slim Academy have helped more than 64,000 students! Do you find it hard to start studying, do you have trouble understanding the content or do you just want everything explained again in a structured manner? An exam training of Capita Selecta will optimally prepare you for your exams! Since the company’s foundation in 1994, Capita Selecta has been successful in helping a great number of students at multiple universities in the Netherlands. Our enthusiastic tutors have received an average grade of 8.6 for their tutoring skills and professional knowledge! So, are you curious to find out which courses we can help you with this trimester?

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1-on-1 thesis tutoring

Slim Academy is happy to assist you during your graduation! Whether you find it difficult to get started writing, are stuck during the writing-process or whether you are having trouble staying motivated, we offer thesis tutoring that fits your situation. Together with a team of 170 professional thesis tutors, we offer thesis tutoring to all every student in the Netherlands. Each thesis has its own thesis topic and is therefore unique, just as the student is. For this reason, we offer a suitable and personal tutor with specific knowledge. Together with an expert in your area of study, we will help you succesfully finish writing your thesis. Have you already finished your thesis, but would you like to have a final check before you submit it? Slim Academy offers a proofreading service, in which we check your thesis for content, structure and language errors.

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What do our customers say?

“Very good and clear course. A good tutor that discusses and explains all the topics in the summary very clearly. The summary was also of a high standard. The summary contained a lot of good and challenging practise exams.”
“The location was very nice, the atmosphere was also very good. The study material was well explained and I even got an additional explanation when I asked for it. The course would have been nicer if there were cups available for tea.”
“The Capita Course for Financial Accounting was very practical and it helped me significantly with my preparation. I also had a few questions that the tutor answered comprehensive. That really helped me and allowed me to get to know the subject matter even better.”
“A great course! Perfect for an exam!”
“Good course. It helped against my fear of failure.”