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Do you have trouble studying for certain subjects? Do you find it difficult to make a schedule for your exams? Perhaps you have concentration problems or fear of failure? Slim Academy can help you! In addition to study guidance, we also offer one-on-one tutoring throughout the Netherlands.

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We offer assistance with:

We work with a team of experts and professional tutors. That is why you can always come to us, regardless of your study. Whether you are studying Law, Health Sciences, History, Public Administration, Media & Entertainment Management or Psychology, our tutors are happy to help you. They would love to see you getting the most out of your study! We also help you achieve stumbling blocks (these are subjects that hinder the progress of many students). If you have problems with Statistics or Mathematics, you can contact one of our professional experts. They give personal tutoring and tips on how to increase your chances of success.

Your student days are probably an exciting time. Moreover, you will not only gain a lot of knowledge, but you will also get to know a lot of new people. This means that your study does not always get the highest priority. As a result, you do not have enough time to successfully complete your exams. It can be demotivating if it takes a lot of time to select the most important information for an exam. Even if you are working endlessly while your fellow students are sitting on the terrace in the sun. This can be quite discouraging. Having a feasible planning and a clear structure, will make sure that you remain motivated for your study. The tutors at Slim Academy have extensive experience in planning and structuring. They can therefore help you make a schedule. This enables you to prepare for the tests as effectively and efficiently as possible, which reduces stress and also leaves time for your social life.

Difficulty concentrating is often a limiting factor when studying. Many people with concentration problems are easily distracted. This can be due to incoming Whatsapp messages or the constant flow of information through different social media platforms. Think of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Slim Academy offers you a solution! By studying with us, you can work as effectively as possible with the help of a tutor. Together with your personal tutor, you will set goals at the beginning of the day. During the study day you will briefly evaluate several times. This will give you insight into what is going well and what can be improved. Slim Academy believes that you can work more effectively if you set goals. If you know what still needs to be done, you can work towards something. This can improve your concentration.

Fear of failure can be quite difficult. You may feel that you are not meeting the expectations of others. You may be anxious to disappoint people if you don’t pass a test, despite having a good preparation. Fear of failure can be expressed in different ways. For example, you could shut down or your productivity may decrease. This is because you have the feeling that nothing useful is happening anymore. Stress can also strike, you can stutter through fear of failure or develop depression. All these symptoms contribute to the fact that you perform less than you can actually do. We have counsellors who work with you to tackle the causes of fear of failure. Together with a tutor you can find out what causes your lack of self-confidence. And you will think about how you can tackle this. Together with you, the tutor will also try to emphasise what is going well, instead of what is not going well. In addition, Slim Academy offers a quiet and positive learning environment. This will benefit your study behaviour.

What do our customers say?

“My tutor helped me with seeing the bigger picture, which enabled me to submit a complete thesis, instead of a document with little coherence between the chapters. I had a lot of trouble with my thesis because I had to put my study on hold for a while, but with the help of my tutor I made it in one go! Thank you very much.”

“Great support and a very experienced and skilled tutor!”


“Like many students, I had trouble choosing a subject. My cooperation with Ruud (from Slim Academy) was a great success. Besides, it was very nice that a red thread could have been drawn quickly and of course, the interim checks were helpful aswell! In short, my experiences with Slim Academy were really positive.”


“Patrick always reacted quickly, had good advice and occasionally sent a message to ask how things were going. Very good experience!”

“My tutor was very attentive. When he hadn’t heard of me he contacted me to see how it’s going. He doesn’t tell me directly what should be changed (which is good, what is the point if he does everything for me) but he makes me think about it, really hard, and think about it from another perspective. He is also very quick to respond. I’m happy with the overall service.”

Advantages of study guidance at Slim Academy

Below you will find all the reasons why you should choose for study guidance at Slim Academy!

The best study guidance in the Netherlands

There are many enthusiastic students who are very satisfied with the way our tutors help them with their questions. Would you like to know whether study guidance is the right option for you? Discover this during a free and no-obligated consultation call. A tutor will help you get the most out of your study as possible. Your own ability will be taken into account as well. Studying is difficult enough. We believe that personal development is the core of having a pleasant life. We want to achieve this by offering the best study guidance in the Netherlands.


Our study support

1- on 1 tutorial

Do you know the so-called stumbling blocks? Or do you have trouble studying for exams? Our team of professional tutors will be happy to help you with 1-on-1 tutoring. Before you start with tutoring, we first schedule an consultation call with you. You can have a free consultation call with one of our MatchMakers. They will help you find out how they can help you in the best way possible. Their advice immediately gives you an idea where you currently stand. After this conversation, you will usually be linked to a tutor within 1 day. The tutor is also specialized in your field of study. Together with your tutor you will schedule the tutoring hours.

Personalized guidance

After the free consultation call, we will match you to a tutor within your field of expertise. This is often possible within one working day. Together with your tutor, you will figure out in what area you need study guidance. In addition, you will agree on how often you meet. Appointments with your tutor can be made by phone, Skype, e-mail or at a rendezvous point. This makes it easy to work from home. Also, nothing will be delayed because you do not have to wait for a long time for feedback.


Your personal tutor is the first point of contact. He or she will also keep an eye on the progress of your study. For example, your tutor will help you with writing summaries. In addition, your tutor ensures you that you can learn in a structured way. Your tutor will adhere the structure that you have drawn up together.

During your entire study, the tutor will function as a big stick. Your tutor ensures you that stress will be reduced. In addition, he or she will ensure that you have sufficient time for social activities with your friends. Of course, other forms of guidance can be used during the personal coaching process.

Statistics and SPSS tutoring

If you have to deal with statistics during your study, there is a good chance that you need to work with SPSS. Working with a statistical programme can be quite complex. Many students get stuck during this course. For example, ‘what questions do you want to answer with the help of data? And ‘which ones are answered by secondary research?’ Guidance for statistics can offer a solution to such uncertainties. The lecturers at Slim Academy will be happy to help you get started. This will help you map out these difficult questions. In addition, you and your tutor will make sure that you pass your exams!

1-on-1 tutoring in statistics

Together with your tutor, you will make an inventory of the questions you have about this subject. The focus will be on learning techniques. This will enable you to continue your work yourself. So it is not the intention that the tutor will provide you with output. Or, for example, clean up your dataset. In short, our statistical advisors will show you how to proceed. With the aim that you actually learn a lot from it. Both with qualitative and quantitative statistical research we can help you on your way.

Statistical tutoring for research subjects

Collecting data

Help with SPSS saves you a lot of time, money and effort. With the help of Slim Academy, you can be more focused and work on your own questions. You can also work on your exams. Do you have to carry out your own research? And do you still have to collect data? We can give you concrete advice about this as well. This can be done, for example, when drawing up questionnaires or surveys. Other questions that we often receive are, for example: what can or cannot be done with your collected data? Once you have collected the data, we will look at what you can or cannot do with it. We will show you how to clean up your dataset. We will also check assumptions together. In addition, we will explain to you what you have to do before you can analyse the data.

– Are you going to remove missing values?
– Do you still have questions that need to be recoded?
– Do you need to create scale scores (or new variables)?
– Are they reliable?
– How do you perform a factor analysis, and how do you calculate Cronbach’s alpha?
– How do you analyse and how do you interpret the results?

Data analysis

From this point on, we will start to work on the actual data analysis. Once we know which variables we need to be able to answer your questions and which tests we are going to use to do this, there will not be much work left.

There are a number of standard methods of analysis that we can help you with: Single and multiple regression analysis, mediation and moderation analysis, correlation analysis, variance analysis (ANOVA: one-way, two-way, repeated measures), t-tests (one sample, independent samples, paired samples), Chi-square, factor analysis, reliability analysis (Cronbach’s alpha), logistic regression etc.

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