Everything about Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam!

What does Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam mean?

The three-year bachelor’s degree Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam is giving entirely in English. Before choosing this course, it is important to know that your interest must lie with studying and working internationally. Your English level should also be sufficient enough to study successfully. Besides the English lessons, the lectures will be filled with students who come from all over the world.

During your study at the University of Amsterdam, you will be challenged to expand your international knowledge and to develop your current administrative skills. This is all possible by doing internships and by studying abroad for a semester. The University of Amsterdam has collaborations with more then 100 foreign universities. It is strongly recommended to study a semester abroad. This way, you will learn to become acquainted with a different culture, language and country.

The first course that you will take is called Principles of Economics and Business. During the first year, you will follow lectures in the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. In this year, you will see more emphasis on how Business Administration examines questions and their solutions from four perspectives. The four perspectives are: the organization, the people, the economy and the methods. In the second year, you will dive deeper into the business aspect. At the end of that year you will write a business case that is commissioned by a company.

In the third year, you have the freedom to structure that year. You can choose to do an internship, study abroad for a semester or choose a minor. You can also choose a specialisation. You will end the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a thesis on a subject that is related to your chosen specialisation. Do you want to know more about the study Business Administration? Check out the website of the University of Amsterdam here!

Why study Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam?

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Student Association Sefa

Want to become a member of the Sefa study association?

Sefa is the study association for the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam. The study association has more than 6500 members. In addition, they have already organized more than 125 events. Sefa inspires the student to think about the future. They organize various activities, offer a wide network and discounts for, for example, the required books. Do you want to know more about this study association? Read more on the Sefa website!

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For some Business Administration courses, the study material is delivered just before the exam, or the last lecture is only given a few days before the exam. We will put this material online for you for free on our supplements page! This way you can still learn all the study material in time for your exam. Check the supplements page to see which supplements are available for Business Administration at University of Amsterdam. That way you can always learn all the exam material.



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