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Want to ace your exams? Follow a Slim Academy course!

Since 1994, we have already helped over 64.000 students. Do you find it hard to start studying, do you have trouble understanding the content or do you just want everything explained again in a structured way? An exam training of Slim Academy will optimally prepare you for your exams! Our enthusiastic tutors have received an average grade of 8.6 for their tutoring skills and professional knowledge! 

What is it like to follow a Slim Academy course?

During a Slim Academy course, all the study material will be explained in 9 or 12 hours. You will receive an extensive explanation of the compulsory theory. This means that you will not only get the lectures explained but also the tutorials, literature and possibly other compulsory material.

In addition, you will practice possible exam questions and there will be an in-depth discussion of the answers. Because of these exercises, you will be able to make your exams with more confidence.

The course will be given by a student teacher in a small group of 10 to 12 students and because of that, there will be enough time for interaction and questions. This way, we ensure that the most challenging and difficult subjects are also given the most attention. Our tutors know the exam material from A to Z and also know which parts of it are most important in passing your exams. We also ensure that the material is well distributed over the training days so you can optimally absorb all of the information. 


  • Reviewed with an 8.6

  • Nice course locations

  • The best student-lecturers

  • High success rate

  • Favorable course times

For whom?

Do you need a little more guidance for a certain course because the material is very difficult or are you short in time? Then follow an exam training at Slim Academy and be optimally prepared for your most difficult exams.

The strength of Slim Academy courses lies in the fact that you practice in an interactive way with all the difficult material. This way, you immediately learn all exam material and are completely ready for the exam! You are also able to review the discussed topics at home by browsing through our extensive course material.

We are a typical “by students, for students” organization, which means that the best student teachers are in front of the class to help their fellow students pass their exams. In addition, the entire course is determined by a senior student. They know exactly what the difficult subjects are, which often return in the exam!

This is how it works:

  • Sign out for free, up to four days before the course

  • Course times are coordinated with mandatory classes

  • Receive your course material & practice questions at the 1st lesson

  • Ace your exam

  • Failed your exam? Then follow a free resit course


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