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Are you having difficulties studying for certain courses? Is planning for exams not really your cup of tea? Or maybe you are one of the many who struggle with concentration problems or performance anxiety? Slim Academy can help you out! Besides exam trainings and summaries, we also offer 1-on-1 study tutoring throughout the Netherlands, as well as online.

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We offer assistance with:

Slim Academy works with a team of experienced and professional study tutors, which is why we can be of assistance regardless of your academic field. Whether you are a student of law, medicine, history, business, media or psychology, our tutors are ready to lend a hand. They are here to help you achieve the best possible results! When facing subjects that are notoriously difficult to pass, they will be there to carry you to the finish line. If you are having trouble with mathematics or statistics, you can use expertise of one of our course-specific specialists.

Life as a university student can get pretty busy. After all, not only are you building your knowledge and skill set, but you are also meeting new people and gaining interesting experiences. Therefore, it is possible your studies fall down the list of priorities, leaving you with insufficient time to pass certain exams and courses. Having to read through a catalogue of seemingly endless information, knowing your friends are drinking a cold one on the terrace, can be demoralising.

Through achievable planning and explicit structuring, our study tutors will ensure you retain that much-needed motivation to get you through every course. With their experience and expertise, you can prepare yourself for every exam and assignment as efficiently and effectively as possible. You will be able to save so much time to spend on other things you may enjoy.

You would not be the first student to come to us with concentration problems and you certainly will not be the last. Whether you are easily distracted by social media, messaging or various forms of digital entertainment or just have difficulties getting started, we have heard it all before. Which is great, because it means we know how we can best help you overcome those issues.

When you study with Slim Academy, you are in good hands. With your personal study tutor, you will set achievable daily goals, evaluating and improving on them as you progress. On agreed-upon study days, you and your tutor will develop your capacity to concentrate by reflecting on these established goals and deducing what methods have the optimal effect.

Performance is another common occurrence amongst university students. Whether it is prior or during an exam or presentation, it can have an incredibly damaging impact on one’s results. You might find yourself afraid of disappointing others, social embarrassment or just failure in itself. Regardless of preparation, performance anxiety can rear its ugly head, time after time.

Our tutors are ready to tackle this frustrating issue head on and get to the root cause of the problem. Whether it is a lack of confidence or a psychological hindrance, they will have seen it all before and know what methods can be used to resolve it. Slim Academy can also offer you a supportive and stimulating learning environment, which will help improve your study behaviour.

What do our customers say?

“My tutor helped me with absolutely everything, which enabled me to hand in a complete thesis, instead of a document with little cohesion between the chapters. I had a lot of difficulties with my thesis, because I suspended my studies for a while, but I managed to pass in one try with the help of my tutor! Thanks!”

“Outstanding assistance and a thoroughly experienced and competent tutor!”
“Like many other students, I had trouble choosing a topic. In cooperation with Ruud (from Slim Academy), this was easily accomplished. Besides this, it was great to get a thread throughout my thesis and a lot of interim check-ups! In short, my experiences were positive.”

“Patrick always responded quickly, had great advice and often sent me messages asking how I was doing. Really good experience!”

“My tutor is very attentive. When he hasn’t heard of me he contacts me to see how it’s going. He doesn’t tell me directly what should be changed (which is good, because it is not the point that he does everything for me) but he makes me think about it, really hard, and think about it from another perspective. He is also very quick to respond. I’m happy with the overall service.”

Advantages of study tutoring at Slim Academy

Why should you choose Slim Academy for study tutoring?

The best study tutoring service in the Netherlands

We have many enthusiastic students who appreciate the manner in which our tutors tackle their greatest obstacles. Are you wondering whether study tutoring is the right option for you? Find out through a free consultation! With a study tutor, you will be able to get the most out of your time in university. We truly believe that personal development is the cornerstone of a rewarding life, which is why our study tutoring aims to achieve just that.


Our study support

1-on-1 tutoring

Are you familiar with the notorious pitfalls of your study? Or are you having trouble preparing for your exams? Our team of professional tutors are ready to help you through it all with some 1-on-1 study tutoring. Before you get started with our tutors, we will coordinate a quick consultation call between you and one of our MatchMakers, in order to pair you with the ideal tutor. After this call, you will be assigned a tutor within 1 day. Your tutor will be specialised in your academic field, giving you the highest chance of success.

Specialised tutors

After the consultation, you will be paired with your own personal study specialist. This will usually not take longer than a day. With the help of your tutor, you will assess your situation and determine in what areas you require assistance. You will also discuss where and how often communication between yourself and your tutor will take place. Telephone, Skype, email, direct messaging are just a few examples of how our clients contact their tutors from the comfort of their own home.

Study coach

Your personal study coach can always be approached for any study-related issues you may have. They will also monitor your academic progression, in order to be fully up to date on your situation. Your coach can help you with, for instance, the planning of your assignments or writing of your summaries. Your coach will ensure you stay on-track to attain those coveted course credits.

Stress limitation, study efficiency, progress management and exam preparation are just a few of many areas in which your coach will be able to assist you. In doing so, your precious time can be spared to enjoy the finer, more enjoyable things in life. Should you want to make use of Slim Academy’s other academic services during coaching period, these can always be integrated.

SPSS and Statistics

When you encounter a course involving statistics during your studies, you will likely be using SPSS in the process. Speaking from experience, working with statistical programs can be remarkably challenging, which is why we have acquired the services of specialists to help students tackle this debacle. Working side-by-side with these experienced advisors, you will be able to conduct extensive statistical analyses to determine the significance of your data.

These specialists will also be able to help you answer question like, “What question do I want to answer using the data I have acquired?”, and, “What questions should I answer with desk research instead?”. Your statistics tutor will be with you every step of the way.

1-on-1 statistics tutoring

Your statistics tutor can answer any and all statistics-related questions you may have. However, he will not be allowed to directly contribute to your own content through work of his own. He is there purely in an assistance capacity. He can discuss statistical methods and recommend certain approaches, but the implementation and work should be done by you alone. They can only give you guidance to achieve the best possible result. Whether it be through qualitative or quantitative research, your tutor will be able to help you on your way.

Statistics tutoring for research courses

Collecting data

Getting a helping hand with SPSS will save you a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Are you required to conduct your own research? Do you have to collect and analyse data? These are questions for which we can give concrete advice. For instance, we can give you recommendations on how and where to collect data based on the criteria of your research question.

Another question we hear often is, “What can I do with the data I have collected?” Once you have collected your data, we can determine what avenues we can explore to get the most of it. We can show you how to structure your dataset and what inferential statistics to base your conclusions on. Furthermore, we can explain what you should do before you analyse your data.

  • Are you going to erase your missing values?
  • Should you rephrase?
  • Should you make use of scales or new variables?
  • Are the variables reliable?
  • How do you calculate Cronbach’s alpha?
  • How do you analyse and interpret the results?

Analysing data

This is when we actually start analysing the data. Once we know what variables we need to answer the questions you have posed, we can determine what tests would be the most adequate to generate significant conclusions. From there, most of the hard work is pretty much behind us.

There are several standard methods of analysis with which we can help you. Linear and non-linear regression analysis, mediation and moderation, correlation analysis, variance analysis (ANOVAL: one-way, two-way, repeated measures), t-tests (one sample, independent samples, paired samples), chi-squared test, factor analysis, reliability analysis (Cronbach’s alpha), logistic regression etc.

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