WANTED: Study heroes!
(writers, text auditor and student teacher)

Slim Academy is looking for a study hero (flexible #hours p/w)

Do you have a passion for your field of study and would you like to join our team? Will you contribute to the quality of our summaries and ensure yourself of the eternal gratitude of your fellow students?

Are you a study hero in the making?

  • Do you get energy from helping your fellow students pass their exams?

  • Do you like to work in a team and feel responsible for the quality of our products?

  • Do you get good grades and do you perform above average during your studies?

  • Can you summarize the most difficult parts of the study material?

  • Do you work meticulously, with an eye for detail and are you able to stay focused for long periods of time?

  • Are you a star in language and would you like to check our summaries and study packages?

Did you answer the above questions with a yes? Then, WE WANT YOU!

As a Study Hero you (together with your partners in crime) are responsible for the summaries and exam trainings of Slim Academy within your field of study. Primarily, you manage the supply and quality of the summaries, study packages and exam trainings. You make an inventory of the relevant study material, ensure that this material is the starting point for our study support and check the work of your fellow heroes! Together with your team, you will be responsible for the products of your study and study year.

What do we offer?

  • You will earn a good salary

  • A great addition to your CV

  • Free study support and discount on thesis guidance

  • Variable compensation based on quality

  • The eternal gratitude of all students who, thanks to you, are going to earn their study credits with ease!

  • An ambitious and fun working atmosphere, in which you get a lot of room to work independently and at the same time always have the support of the (experienced) organisation;

How do you organise your hours?

As a student organization, we know how busy student life can sometimes be! That’s why, at Slim Academy, you are free to organise your own tasks and hours, in consultation with your colleagues. In quiet periods, for example, you can choose to work many hours and give various courses, write summaries and check them and/or work on improving our study materials. Do you have a busy period ahead of you? Then you’ll be working fewer hours! This way, it is easy to combine this job with your studies.

And who are we?

Slim Academy is the market leader in the field of study support and thesis guidance. Our head office is located in the Rotterdam Science Tower in Rotterdam. In the student cities, our Student-teachers, Authors, thesis supervisors and Matchmakers are ready to offer the best study support. Working at Slim Academy means working in a social, ambitious and entrepreneurial environment, in which your knowledge and skills will be used to take students to a higher level.

Want to apply or need more information?

Are you the study hero we are looking for? Then apply now by sending your motivation and CV to: 

v.voorkamp@slimacademy.nl or a.suicmez@slimacademy.nl
(For all medical studies)

(For all Business studies)

(For all Psychology studies)

s.vangarderen@slimacademy.nl or j.federowicz@slimacademy.nl
(For all Law studies)

Apply directly?

Fill in the form below and we will contact you!

Are you interested in a job at Slim Academy? Then, apply directly to us by filling in the form below. You can also call us on +31 10 214 32 45.