Internationaal recht – ICJ Reparation for Injuries

  • Datum: 11 april 1949

  • Rechtbankniveau: ICJ

  • Rechtsgebied: Internationaal recht

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A worker of the United Nations was brutally murdered in Jerusalem. This city was under the effective control of the newly declared state of Israel. The question that was submitted to the International Court of Justice: Is it possible for the United Nations to submit a claim for compensation damages of the death of their worker?

Question before the Court:

Do the United Nations have legal personality, and can they therefore submit a claim?

International Court of Justice

The Court considers that, in some cases, the powers of the United Nations can be deduced from the objectives of this organization.


The Court stated that the United Nations have legal personality. Legal personality is necessary for the performance of the tasks entrusted to them and in the realization of the objectives of the United Nations. Therefore, the United Nations can submit a claim for compensation to the State of Israel.