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Slim Academy is a quality label for study support in higher education. Since our foundation in 1994, the focus has been on the student and the students ability to earn enough credits to complete the academic year. We help students with our summaries, exam courses, online courses and 1-on-1 thesis guidance. We sell more than 200,000 products each year and this has put Slim Academy in a position where it could develop from a small start-up into a market leader within the branche. With 5 locations, more than 800 student employees and 170 thesis supervisors throughout the Netherlands, there’s always someone there for you. And we are proud of that!

Whenever studying is not possible or when it simply doesn’t fit your busy agenda, Slim Academy will enable, you as a student, to achieve your study goal in the way that suits you.

Studying is difficult for a variety of reasons. We believe that adapting our study supported products and services to the specific needs of higher education students, makes studying more enjoyable, efficient and, above all, more effective.

– Structural quality in everything we do
– Let everything be action-oriented
– Acting intelligent is evident
– True professionalism

  • 200,000+ products per year

  • 800+ student employees

  • 170+ thesis tutors

  • Since 1994

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What do our customers say?

“Great support and a very experienced and skilled tutor!”


”The Capita Course for Financial Accounting was very practical and it helped me significantly with my preparation. I also had a few questions that the tutor answered comprehensive. That really helped me and allowed me to get to know the subject matter even better.”


“The summary of SlimStuderen is always very clear and it allows me to get through the study material. In addition, there are always practical notes and bullet points that gives me a good impression of the study material.”


“The summaries are very good and comprehensive as well. The only downside is that they are sometimes very long, but that makes sense with such long books.”


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Rhijnspoorplein 10-38
020 – 22 61 229


Groenendaal 23
010 – 214 23 94


Kwinkenplein 8
050 – 760 07 34


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